Pattern Making

Patterns can traced from a sample garment, or from supplied specifications. Whether you are a fashion designer who simply requires assistance, or you need to start a pattern from scratch, we will work with you to produce the quality you are looking for.

A well-made pattern is crucial for making a great product, and we are there to help. Patterns are the backbone to the manufacturing process and directly influences the quality of a product, so getting it right is fundamental.

1.) Why do I need a pattern made before starting the manufacturing process?
In some cases, you will get a pattern made, then a sample will be created from the pattern, and the sample will lead you into the manufacturing process. In other cases, the sample is made first, and then the pattern is created from the sample. Samples are what we look to when mass producing your product, so it is key to have a good sample.

At Stitch & Fix our pattern design team will use their expertise to design the pattern to fit your specifications, and also engineer the pattern to be ready for manufacture. A good quality pattern will ensure a good quality end product.

2.) What do I need to have prepared to have a pattern made?
You need to be able to provide us with as much information as possible about your product to ensure good results. Pattern making is a crucial stage of the garment manufacturing process so it is very important that you supply us with as much information as possible. The more information about the style, fit, spec and fabrication that you can supply us with, the easier it will be for our pattern makers to visualise and engineer your vision. Typical information would include (but is not limited to) spec information, desired fabric type to be used, and construction methods to support the creation of a pattern.

3.) How are patterns made?
To get a pattern made we will assist you in creating a tech pack and/or at least a detailed sketch of the product. Once we have enough information, we will create a sample of the product. The sample is then evaluated on a mannequin by the patternmaking and design team. After concluding that the sample reflects the vision of the design, the pattern will be made from it.


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