Stitch And Fix’s expert team will help you bring your designs to life, creating your first sample to ensure that your product meets your expectations and is fit for the market place.

When you are happy with your sample, we can then proceed to manufacturing

Apparel “samples” actually refers to a series of different items produced for different purposes during the development process. Note that each type of sample has alternative names.

  • » Muslin (a.k.a. dummy, mock-up, drape, prototype, proto)
  • » Fit sample (a.k.a. first sample, original sample, sample test garment, development sample, design sample, style reference, parent pattern)
  • » Sew-by sample (a.k.a costing sample, pre-production, pre-pro, P/P)
  • » Sales sample (a.k.a counter sample, duplicate)
  • » Photo sample (a.k.a model size, flat sample, editorial sample)
  • » Size run (a.k.a size set, sizing sample)
  • » Top of production (a.k.a TOP)

Why are Multiple Samples Necessary?

There are many reasons why it’s recommended to make multiple samples. You don’t have to cut them all at once. You may want just one prototype while you are working with your designer, but then order a new sample when you add another person to the chain.

Samples eliminate errors

We’ve all had a nightmare shopping experience in which what was advertised looked very different from what arrived in the mail. Maybe the arms fit strangely or the fabric begins pilling unexpectedly after minimal washes. Samples allow you to minimize such issues before production begins.

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